Digital Garden for European Schools is an Erasmus project that aims to experience a teaching method favouring the attention of the students, stimulating and giving space to the need for active participation and expression of their opinions, thanks to the innovative teaching methods (TEAL). Specifically, the project consists of a guided path that will lead students to develop knowledge and basic skills, by which they will be able to install and manage small gardens equipped in domestic environments such as balconies, terraces and gardens with the help of designers and Maker. This knowledge will be acquired by the students through workshops and conferences held by teachers, farmers, designers, nutritionists through the 3.0 (TEAL) teaching. Furthermore, the goal is to design and implement a specific game app that allows them to self-build and manage their own personal garden anywhere.  
PARTICIPANTS: Students between 6 and 19 years old teachers of Science, Mathematics, computer experts and innovative teaching methodsSchoolsFarmers, designers, creators and nutritionists Organizations Participants Stakeholders  
OBJECTIVES For teachers, students and school system: Improve skills, pedagogical and educational tools cooperation to ensure the quality of education, promote innovative work, learning and comparison practices, promote & create synergy between the participating organizations, the National Agency and the European Institutions Create synergy between organizations active in the field of education, local authorities and participating organizations to promote a better quality of education  
RESULTS 1. TEAL Garden Classroom 2. Garden-App  
DigiEU-TEAL Short-term joint staff training events in Romania addressed to 13 participants between teachers and staff of participants organizations.  
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