LICEUL TEORETIC MARIN PREDA – TURNU – RO “Marin Preda” Theoretical High School is located in Turnu Magurele, a small town in Teleorman County. Situated in Muntenia, a southern region in Romania, our school is at 130 km from the capital city, Bucharest. We have a rich and profound history and a good image in the community, which has been gained through the students’ and teachers’ good results. In time, we have become better; however, there are students who are less interested in studying, the main reason behind this being the difficult socio-cultural conditions.

Our students come from different social classes, with monoparental families (14%) or whose parents are working abroad (18%). That is why, the time spent in school compensates for the social time of the students, and the teachers try to engage students in many educational activities, including extracurricular ones, from different domains: culture, arts or sports.

The school has 60 teachers and 840 students, with ages between 6 and 19, who study in 23 classrooms. The human resource of the school is interested not only in obtaining good results in the national exams and different competitions, but our school is also involved in many extra-curricular activities on various components of formal and informal education: education for a healthy environment; education for a democratic citizenship; health education; the development of the civic spirit; artistic and sport’s education; the fight against violence and discrimination; the promotion of an attitude of tolerance.

The education offered by our school is aimed not only at enriching the students’ knowledge in different domains, but also at developing their skills, abilities and competencies that will come useful later in their life. We have always borne in mind that our students will need what they have learnt during the school years in order to become active citizens, to find a good place on the labour market and to contribute to the development of the communities they will belong to.


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