Within the dissemination plan, on November 13, 2019 CCIF Cyprus organized a meeting with Volunteers and Youth Workers at KEPLI office in Paphos.

The purpose of the meeting was to inform attendees about the Digital Garden for European School and the main objectives of the project.

The project manager Marina Aristodemou described in details the goals and objectives of project 

The planned dissemination activities have been developed as well. It was mentioned the methodology to be used in carrying out the project, and explained to the Volunteers and Youth Workers what are the skills of key persons involved in the project.

We stressed the expected results and the potential longer-term benefits.

At the end of the meeting a schedule was made with dates for the activities and IOs to be done as well as assigning responsibilities. There was also a discussion about the project’s implementation and the upcoming events involving the project such as the Erasmus + info day.

The Volunteers of CCIF Cyprus, after the Invitation from the Youth Board of Cyprus and IDEP, attended Erasmus + info day. More than 200 hundred attendees were informed by CCIFC about all the current Erasmus + Programs. Digital Garden for European School was among those projects. The event was hosted in Nicosia, at the conference center Filoxenia in December 11, 2019. 

One of the last meetings to disseminate DigiEU project took place in CCIF Cyprus coworking space on February 19, 2020, attended by 27 people, a special report was made for Digital Garden for European School. The feedback received was very good for all meetings.

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