“Opening up Education aspires to open minds to new learning methodologies to ensure that people have a better chance of finding work and develop more business skills”.

This is just one of the objectives of the Erasmus+ project Digital Garden for European Schools on the innovative teaching methods (TEAL), thanks to which, the partnership of this project will be able to experience a didactic that moves away from the traditional method, favoring the attention on the learners, giving space to their needs for active participation and demonstration of their opinions.

Students will be guided to develop knowledge and basic skills, with which they will be able to install and maintain small gardens. This knowledge will be acquired by students through frontal workshops and lessons held by farmers, designers, nutritionists through education 3.0 (TEAL).

This project aims to bring to light two important results:

  • a TEAL Garden Classroom, that is guidelines for an educational path based on the self-construction of urban gardens for domestic use, with objectives and multidisciplinary methods in theoretical/practical mode, with TEAL methodology,
  • and  the Garden – App, a specific game-app for kids that allows them to self-build and manage their personal garden, independently and wherever they live in the world; starting from the vegetable-garden creation from sowing to harvesting vegetables passing through the knowledge of seasonality.

On October 22nd and 23rd In Trani (IT) was held the Kick-off meeting of DigiEU project hosted by the Italian coordinator Petit Pas.

The partnership from Cyprus, Portugal, Poland, and Romania had the occasion to meet in person and start to talk about the project, objectives, tasks and deadlines.

After this first meeting work tools and plans were presented, giving everyone, a more clear idea on the next steps to adopt to implement the project and solve questions and doubts.

In the evening the partners also had the opportunity to visit the city and its historical center for a while and to get to know each other better during the social dinner.

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