The second online transnational meeting took place on May 28th and started at 10:00 a.m. (CET) ending at 12:00 noon (CET). All project partners were represented by the following elements: Laura Amoruso (Petit Pas – IT), Fabiola Porcelli (Petit Pas – IT); Marina Aristodemou (CCIF – CY), Katerina Vladimirou (CCIF – CY); Sara Vieira (Municipality of Lousada – PT), João de Sousa (Municipality of Lousada – PT); Estera Lígia (Liceul M. P – RO), Catalina Simona Balasa (Liceul M.P – RO); Joanna Wanielista (DANMAR Computers – PL).

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic by the new virus COVID-19, the partners were not able to participate in the second transnational meeting to be held in Cyprus. 

It was then agreed among all partners that the meeting would take place through the ZOOM platform and the official agenda of the respective meeting would be made available by the project host – PETIT PAS – thus allowing an effective and efficient organisation among all partners about what has been developed and the next steps to be accomplished. 

Through a PowerPoint presentation, Petit Pas presented an overview of the project with the activities already developed and the next steps to be accomplished and developed. 

Then, each partner approached the development of the respective contents for IO1 (Intellectual Output 1) and IO2 (Intellectual Output 2).  It was also approached the development and evolution of the Game – App (IO2) by DANMAR COMPUTERS. 

Next, the quality and dissemination of the project was presented by the Municipality of Lousada, as well as the next steps to be accomplished regarding this same item. 

The pandemic by the new virus COVID-19 inhibited the circulation of people between countries leading partners to agree that the next meeting will take place once again through the online ZOOM platform and that in the same meeting will consider the possibility of meeting face-to-face in Poland for the 3rd transnational meeting.

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