Technology-Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) is a teaching methodology designed in 2003 by MIT in Boston that combines frontal lectures with simulations and laboratory activities on computers for a rich learning experience based on collaboration.

A TEAL classroom includes a series of technological tools modular furniture and specific characteristics (eg width, brightness, etc.), space and technologies are interconnected in this type of classroom, although these elements are easily reconfigurable according to the needs and technologies available. It is a replicable methodology, with small adaptations, even in an ordinary class, there is no rigid TEAL protocol, just a sequence of strategies or steps to follow.

TEAL method requires a classroom with a central location for the teacher and possibly round tables for groups of students in odd numbers. To promote peer education, the groups are made up of components with different levels of skills and knowledge. The teacher introduces the topic with questions, exercises and graphic representations. Then each group works collaboratively and actively with the help of a device to collect information and data and perform experiments or checks.

Using the TEAL we want to design and implement structured educational experimentation called TEAL Garden Classroom on the self-construction of urban and domestic vegetable gardens. The TEAL Garden Classroom will be a guided tour that will lead students to develop basic knowledge and skills, with which they will be able to install and manage small vegetable gardens equipped in domestic environments such as balconies, terraces, and gardens.

Currently, all partners are working on the structure of the TEAL Garden Classroom collecting case studies and testimony of TEAL application in each partner’s country. The next step for its development will be shaping guidelines and useful information about how to set up a classroom and carry on a lesson using the TEAL methodology.

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