The 2nd Intellectual Output is a game for mobile devices. Its aim is to design and implement a special application for children, which will allow them to create and manage their own personal GARDEN. The game will be based on the seasonality of plants typical of the partner countries. The player will be able to decide which plants he or she wants to plant in his or her garden, and will be given the right tips and information about them in order to grow them properly.

So far, decisions on technical aspects have been made and the concept and content of the game has been prepared. We are currently in stage 2, i.e. implementation. We are working on the first version of the game in English. Ultimately, the game will be available in 6 languages: English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Greek. But we have a lot of work to do… ! And before the translations, we have a very important phase ahead of us – testing, which will be an indication of what improvements should be made to meet the expectations of the target group.

More information soon!

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