The first versions of the results have already been created (IO1- TEAL Garden Classroom and IO2 – Garden-App).The TEAL Garden Classroom includes methodologies, guidelines, tool, practical tips for using the developed material and other useful tools, educational audio-visual resources, relevant theory, etc. IO1 is available in all partners project languages (English, Greek, Italian Polish, Portuguese, and Romanian). 

The Game-App enables students to self-build and manage their personal GARDEN, independently and wherever they live in the world. This is a role-playing game that involves and links the player with his/her garden, starting from its creation until the repetition of the seasonal cycle. Through advice provided in the game, reminders, tutorials, blogs and information about each cultivation present in the game, the player is able, during each session, to learn information about cultivations in different countries, seasonality, how to take care of them; there are also quizzes throughout the game to help the sudents to test the competencies acquired while playing, competencies that can be expanded consulting the blog section where there are different links to resources about cultivations in each partner language. The Game-APP is available for mobile devices (Android and IOS) in English (at a later stage of the development of the game there will be available translations into the national languages of the partners).

Currently, the project is at the pilot stage. Each partner has to test the developed results on a group of 5 teachers/experts and 25 students aged 6 – 19 years. This is a very important activity and its aim is to collect the opinion of the target group on the developed results in order to be able to improve and best adjust the results to the requirements and needs of the users. As part of the testing, participants will learn the content of the TEAL Garden Classroom, but also, based on one chapter on how to construct their own garden, will be instructed on how to do so and will make such a construction at home. Participants will also have the opportunity to play the game and share their opinions.

More information soon!

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