The dissemination concept for the DigiEU is maximizing the project’s potencial.

The results are adapted to the needs of students, transferred to all school levels to influence future policy and practice. 

The events are a great momentum for dissemination where the objectives of the Erasmus+ program, the objectives of the project, the expected results, the Intellectual Outputs, training and the experience of the participating organizations, are illustrated. 

Within the frame work of our activities for implementation and dissemination of our project DigiEU, CCIF Cyprus organized a workshop, under the title <<The Cartoon way Workshop >> on October 25, 2020 at Paphos Gardens hotel in Paphos.

Keeping the distances and all the measures foreseen due to covid-19, our workshop disseminated the tools of DigiEU to teachers and parents. The workshop was an innovative way using cartoons as a tool for communication in education for teachers and parents. The basic design principles, encouragement and practical techniques were also presented to teachers and parents. 

DigiEU Erasmus+ promotes innovative learning methods for enhancing student participation in the learning process, in which teachers and parents are important components. 

The Youth worker of CCIF Cyprus, Panagiota Michael BA (Hons) Visual Communication MA Marketing Communications is in charge of the implementation of DigiEU.

The workshop was attended by 13 participants due to the corona virus limitations.

The feedback received was very good.

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