The use of pedagogical tools in the classroom should be based on proposals based on concepts that allow the applicability of innovative technologies that enhance the teaching and learning process, making the class more dynamic, interactive and contextualized with the reality of students. The implementation of technological tools in the classroom not only implies technological changes, but also changes in conceptions and paradigms in teaching, the way we learn, interact and build knowledge. Learning to know implies acquiring skills for understanding, including mastering the very tools to obtain knowledge.  Those who learn to know, learn to learn throughout their lives.  This learning is also important for interpersonal relationships, professional skills to achieve a dignified life.

In this sense, the DigiEU project seeks to make explicit the polyvalence of gamification in combination with the learning process, through theoretical references that aid reflection on the construction of knowledge mediated by the use of technological tools in the classroom and, thus, meet the profile of students who attend schools today. Thus, DigiEU has been developing a project manual, which will soon be available on our website and facebook page which can be downloaded with a simple click!

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