Dear friends of DigiEU project, this month we would love to recommend a short video available on YouTube. It is a story of a school garden which aim is to educate children – not only on the environment and food production but also on garden as a perfect tool to teach Maths or Chemistry. This is possible!

Let’s find out why an educational garden is such a great teaching tool:

  • The video proves that the pupils are vividly engaged and interested in the garden activities. This is a great way to teach – having the attention of your students is crucial for the learning and teaching processes. In this case the “the enthusiasm for learning is just incredible”.
  • Students are engaged and happy to be in the garden every day, even for “a brief activity.”
  • You don’t need that much space or extra conditions to start a garden. A place where “people dump furniture” would be just fine!
  • Learning through experience – it will make the learning process an adventure. (The video shows that pupils are not afraid of worms – are you? :))
  • The video will give you some tips on how to start a garden.
  • This method increases pupils’ awareness on food production – “vegetables don’t come from a grocery store”.
  • Teaching responsibility – pupils have their job to be done while staying in the garden. While planting and collecting the seeds they will also learn how to sell the product. There’s a “clear purpose for being there” in the garden.
  • It is easy to start and draw your pupils’ attention – “ just plant a few seeds in a pot – the children will respond”.

Don’t forget to leave your comments under this post after watching the video, so we can discuss on the benefits of a school garden!

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