The last transnational meeting of the “Digital Garden for European Schools-DigiEU” project n. 2019-41-IT02-KA201-062276 just ended yesterday and took place online.

In view of the worsening epidemic situation and with increasing restrictions in each European country, the partners have mutually agreed to meet online to discuss the final activities to be implemented before the end of the project scheduled for next month.

During this meeting, it was possible to observe a clear overview of the latest activities to be finalized including the multiplier events in each partner country with the aim of disseminating the project, the idea behind it, and all the work done by the partners to create the two project results.

As always, the partners’ meeting proved to be an important moment of clarification and sharing of doubts and questions on the carrying out of project activities.

Now we just have to keep you posted on our local Multiplier Events which will soon take place in Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Cyprus!

Write to us in the Contact us section of our website to get more information on the closest DigiEU event to you.

In the meantime, you can download our game app called Digital Garden for free now available for

IOS on the App Store:

And Android on Google Play:

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